[CinCVS] cinelerra in the professional field

Andraz Tori cinelerra at skolelinux.no
Tue, 17 Jan 2006 03:42:40 +0100

In Slovenia Cinelerra was recently used in a production of documentary
film at the national television (Kruhovo leto, 50 min, 2005, director
Amir Muratovic, TV Slovenia).

The workflow was approximately this:
All material was shot on film.
Film -> MPEG conversion was done.
The director edited the MPEG in Cinelerra.
Custom written Cinelerra EDL 3600 exporter was used to produce video
EDL was taken to film lab where film was manually cut and put together
according to EDL.
Also sound was edited in Cinelerra and then redone in audio lab
according to the edit, but without use of edls... 

The documentary was aired on 25.12.2005.

(i haven't been paying very close attention how other parts of the
workflow worked, so it might be a bit inaccurate)


na dan ned, 2006-01-15 ob 05:13 -0800, je Vincent Lampa zapisal(a):
> it's encouraging to know that cinelerra is used
> professionally. i myself am a film student about to
> make my thesis, and i would want to use cinelerra for
> it, to also show that open source can work for media
> people. might i know the workflows of those using
> cinelerra in a professional capacity? :)
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