[CinCV] Testing release of the Blue Banana color grading/correction filter for CinCV

Monty Montgomery xiphmont at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 21:38:55 CET 2013


I spent the Christmas break writing a color grading and correction
filter for CV named Blue Banana.  A few people on IRC have been trying
it out for about two weeks, and I think it's more or less ready for a
wider audience.  I've put some effort into balancing the techniques
used to give intuitive, measured results rather than just tossing some
basic equations behind a stick-figure UI.

Blue Banana offers slider-based range and non-linear (gamma)
adjustment for red, green, blue, hue, saturation and value.  It
provides feedback both through the compositor window and realtime
color histograms embedded in each adjustment slider. It  can operate
on the entire frame, select specific subset of colors, the current
masked region, or a combination of a selection and a mask.  It is also
able to highlight the selected region with a marching zebra.


The plugin should work on any CinelerraCV 2.x version, including
latest master and my experimental branch.  It will *not* work with the
HV version.  I hope to have some quickstart docs up in the next few

Anyone who wants to try it out quickly can grab a prebuilt plugin:


... is a link to a tar.gz file containing the plugin .so.  Simply
place the bluebanana.so file into your Cinelerra library directory
(eg, /usr/local/lib/cinelerra for those of you who have previously
built from source, or /usr/lib/cinelerra, /usr/lib32/cinelerra, or
/usr/lib64/cinelerra depending on your distro).  Restart CinelerraCV
and it should be there.

For those who prefer to build from source, it currently lives in git at:

The source expects to be added in a new plugin subdirectory under
plugins/ in an existing CinelerraCV checkout.  The subdir will also
need to be added to plugins/Makefile.am.

Einar-- again, sorry, my non-Cinelerra-compliant indent style.  I'll
find a reformatter eventually, I promise. :-)  I also intend to port
the three-way-color correction filter from HV in a bit if no one else
gets to it.


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